Baby Massage - JH Holistic Therapist
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Baby Massage

My passion is Reflexology & Massage and I love showing people how they can help themselves & their families how to bring their bodies back into balance, eliminate common ailments and feel deeply relaxed.  Bonding through massage is beneficial for all and so powerful in the early days of a child’s development.


I will teach you gentle touch massage techniques to soothe and calm your baby with practical help and you will have the chance to relax yourself!


The six-week programmers will teach you massage techniques. Massage releases oxytocin – our ‘feel good’ hormone. It stimulates the blood and lymph system, therefore, expelling toxins and helping our bodies fight infections.

The sessions will include story massage which involves simple massage techniques within well-known nursery rhymes – great fun and easy to learn!


I’ll also give you tips on how reflexology can help soothe away ailments and relax a fractious infant!

What do you need?


A towel / changing mat
Baby oil
Wear comfortable clothes

Cost : 6 x 45 minutes

Where and when?

Wellness in Motion


122 Winchcombe Street


GL52 2NW

Tuesdays from 7th May


The Holistic Team


Prince of Wales Stadium

Tommy Taylor’s Lane


GL50 4RN

Fridays from 3rd May