Lockdown Week 4 - JH Holistic Therapist
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Lockdown Week 4

Lockdown Week 4

As I write this we are into our fourth week of lockdown and I am beginning to get into some sort of routine. I was devastated when I realised that my much-loved reflexology and massage treatment room would have to be shut down and have been thinking of the various ways I can still help my clients. So I am going to be developing my teaching of self-reflexology and massage virtually by doing Facebook lives, videos and putting small films on YouTube. I will be encouraging clients, friends and family to take the time to re-evaluate and perhaps change the way we live our lives – for the better. I know I have been doing more exercise and eating better. Children love having their feet played with so what better time than to enjoy some family time practising reflexology on our youngsters who are doing so well with social distancing and being cooped in at home. They will benefit from it and so will you. The treatment will increase the release of endorphins and melatonin to help them sleep.


I am regarding this time as a time to get back good health, improve my sleep, develop relationships and work on my business. A little bit of information about a favourite essential oil: Geranium is one of my top five to use during a massage. It calms the nervous system, stimulates the lymphatic system and contains antibacterial properties. Never use directly on the skin but diluted with massage oil and gently rubbed into the skin will have a huge benefit. So when we may be separated from loved ones, suffering bereavement, worrying about key workers and feeling fed up that all those events and celebrations we were looking forward to have been postponed or cancelled I would suggest we look to our inner strengths, have patience, endurance and look for the positives.


“By endurance, we conquer’ Ernest Shackleton

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