Staying Calm During Lockdown - JH Holistic Therapist
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Staying Calm During Lockdown

Staying Calm During Lockdown

I would like to take this opportunity of suggesting a few ways you can embrace the time to relax and self-care.  We are now in Week 4 of lockdown and hopefully settling into some sort of routine.  I believe routine is key – we are not on a holiday – this is unprecedented time that we need to make the most of and look we need to look after ourselves and our families in the best way we can!


Firstly I want to emphasise the importance of sleep.  I know it may be tempting to think it doesn’t matter but our body’s health depends on good sleep patterns.  It is when you are asleep your body repairs.  Good sleep helps your body produce hormones that regulate appetite, it reduces anxiety and depression and boosts your immune system.


Secondly, I do hope you are making the most of the opportunity to do daily exercise.  We are spoilt with choice from Joe Wicks to The Green Goddess, daily walks and bike rides, gardening and housework.  For may exercise is a way to socialise and although we can’t go out to exercise I am finding doing classes via zoom is enabling me to see my gym buddies and interact socially.  Exercise will burn calories so will prevent you from putting on weight.  It is all too easy to be at home and snack more but if you do some exercise rather than reaching for the biscuit barrel then your body will thank you for it! Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.


Thirdly – I am quite enjoying making use of the local shop, greengrocer, butcher.  In the past, they have suffered at the hands of the giant supermarket chains but now they are – I think – a place to feel at greater risk – so I am supporting the local tradesmen and intend to go on doing so.  The importance of supporting our local entrepreneurs is paramount! We need to support the little guys or they won’t survive!




Here is some information about some of the products I’ve been using recently:

My favourite product at the moment is Tropic Supergreens – it’s a shot of healthy greens that boosts your skin’s natural defences and nutrients levels.


My favourite essential oil this month is tea tree oil:

Given tea tree oil’s antimicrobial properties, it makes sense that it would work well as a home cleaner. Anything that needs disinfecting, cleaning, or balancing can benefit from a basic tea tree oil mix. Combine 4 to 5 drops of oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Use to clean household surfaces like countertops and floors.

Also if you are suffering from any fungal foot infections then drop some tea tree oil into a carrier oil and massage your feet daily and your feet will be baby soft within a few weeks!

Keep well friends and remember if you need a chat or any advice or help I am only a phone call or a zoom away.

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